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ROYCE: I gotta tell ya, war is sticky buisiness.

CATS: Yeah? And how would you know?

ROYCE: I'm currently leading the attack of BlogNomic upon LiveJournal Nomic.


ROYCE: Not exactly. It's pretty weird conducting inter-nomic relations.

ROYCE: Look at me! I'm posting from school.

BLORE: I'm so pround of you.

ROYCE: I kind of thought you would be.

MEATBALL: Aren't you supposed to be working on something?

ROYCE: Shh! Nobody has to know.

ROYCE: Let's see . . . things I've searched for lately. Well, 'digitization'. I've got some cassette tapes I've been looking to turn into CD's.

BLORE: And then there was that woman. What was her name?

ROYCE: 'Evelyn McCarthy'. Appearantly they are a lot of people named Evelyn McCarthy. Oh! I've also been looking for sites on 'Agora nomic'.

BLORE: Right. Anything else?

ROYCE: I'm having trouble remembering.

BLORE: What about 'Kim Possible'?

ROYCE: Mm. Yes. One more.

BLORE: Go search for something right now!

ROYCE: Okay, ah . . . wait! I remember! 'National Public Radio'. There.

BLORE: Very nice.

ROYCE: Hey, Cats. What's wrong with you?

CATS: Th' gin morphs. Sh! - prom night.

BLORE: It would appear that he is incapacitated.

MEATBALL: Right! And he's drunk too.

CATS: No, I'm not drunk. I was just trying to think of a way to incorporate a palindrome into this post.

ROYCE: You mean I was trying to think of a way.

CATS: Right. Whatever.