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ROYCE: So, I was talking to Jens last night.

BLORE: The one with four names?

ROYCE: Yes, that would be the only Jens I know. He's a skiing kind of guy.

MEATBALL: Okay, I know who you're talking about!

ROYCE: I kind of thought you would. Anyway, he was telling me about this one time he went skiing -

BLORE: Like he usually does?

ROYCE: Yes. So he was on the chairlift -

MEATBALL: Wassat? Is that like a tablelift?

ROYCE: Just let me tell the story so I can claim the prize already!


ROYCE: He dropped his ski pole and it almost hit somebody and they could have died. There.

BLORE: Okay.

PANCHO: Hola. Bienvinidos a mi blog, Radio Juego.

CARNE: Ay, porque hablamos en espanol?

PANCHO: Porque soy bilingual.

CARNE: Tu no eres bilingual. Tu no aprendes nada de su profesora de espanol el ano pasado.

PANCHO: No fue un falta de yo. Sra. Winant es un iditoa.

GATOS: Todo su base son pertenecer a nos.