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BLORE: You certainly look smug.

ROYCE: Hmm? Oh, yes I was just thinking about the Kaleidoscope Mimic Prize.

BLORE: Any particular reason?

ROYCE: Well, the task was to mimic a particular author, journalist, or weblogger. And it seems that some people have chosen to mimic me.

BLORE: Interesting. And that makes you feel . . .

MEATBALL: Like he's something special.

CATS: We'll, the paper's got some news for you. You aren't.

ROYCE: Thanks for supporting me.

MEATBALL: Rubik's cube is driving me crazy. Gonna pull off all the stickers cuz I'm too stupid and lazy.

ROYCE: Nathan's been getting to you too, hasn't he?


MEATBALL: Woohoo! I got a jump rope! Cardiovascular fitness, here I come!

CATS: Good for you. Maybe now you won't be so fat.

MEATBALL: What? I'm not fat.

CATS: Oh, sorry. I thought you were Frank.

FRANK: What? I will smash you!

ROYCE: Hey, no fighting, no biting.

MEATBALL: We aren't alligators.

ROYCE: Mustard is the best.

ROYCE: I gotta tell ya, there are some crazy things going over at BlogNomic. The new dynasty is taking a very interesting twist. We'll see how it pans out in the end. We may be headed in a good direction or a bad. We will see.