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ROYCE: Hey, Meatball. What's wrong?

MEATBALL: I'm still bummed that Rich Vos didn't win Last Comic Standing.

ROYCE: Really? I had never seen that show. I'm more of a 'Survivor/Amazing Race/Fillmore/CBS Evening news with Dan Rather' kind of a guy.

MEATBALL: Well, I think I'm over it.

ROYCE: That's good.

ROYCE: Oh! I forgot to tell you all. You probably wondered why there were no posts for about a week. Well - I was at camp!


CATS: What did you do there?

ROYCE: Well, I went kayaking, and wood burning, and went to a star party. And then I bought a shirt. It says 'Peaceful Valley' on it.

MEATBALL: Why does it say that?

ROYCE: Because that's the name of the camp. It's pretty cool. It's green, and behind the words 'Peaceful Valley' there's this bootprint. It cost nine dollars. A pretty nice shirt for nine dollars if I say so myself.

ROYCE: You know what? Bees are crazy. I mean, they're so crazy.

BLORE: What are you talking about?

ROYCE: So, like, the other day on the local news, you know how they have weather cameras so they can show you what the weather is like? Well, the other day, they showed a picture from one of the cameras, and there were, like, a thousand bees attacking it.

BLORE: Unbelievable.

ROYCE: And so, I'm thinking, what if I were a bee. What reason would I have to attack a weather camera? I mean, what must be running through their little heads? I mean, they do stuff for no reason.

BLORE: A least people don't do that.

ROYCE: Yeah. Exactly.