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ever wonder why there is life? i have. ever wonder why the spoon was invented? well a guy got tired of eating with his hands. so what is life?

FRANK: Hey guys! Let's go to my igloo.

MEATBALL: What's an igloo?

ROYCE: It's a house made of ice.

MEATBALL: Cool! An ice house!

In the ice house

FRANK: I hate you.

MEATBALL: Yeah, well I hate you too.

ROYCE: There's no love inside the ice house.

ROYCE: What's that music?

FRANK: Oh, sorry. I was just having a jam session with my one man band, 'Sturgeon'.

ROYCE: You play an instrument?

FRANK: Oh, yes, I play the bass.

MEATBALL: Play for us!

Frank plays

FRANK: Sorry. That was pretty crappie.

ROYCE: Something smells fishy.