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ROYCE: You know, it's tough being named Royce Wood.


ROYCE: Well, people are always like, 'Hey! You're that legislative affairs specialist for the AMA!', and I have to politely tell them no, I have nothing to do with the American Motorcyclist Association.

MEATBALL: That's rough.

ROYCE: It gets worse! Then there's the really stupid people who are like, 'Whoa! You're that tile company, aren't you? Then I just get mad.

CATS: Well, at least there's nothing else named Radio Game.

Cats' Recipe for Your Favorite Drink

1. Place one cup of your favorite fruit into a blender.

2. Add one cup of your favorite yogurt.

3. Add one cup of your second favorite fruit.

4. Blend until smooth.

5. Let chill until your favorite time of day (or night).

6. Pour one glass for you and your favorite friend.

7. Put on your favorite CD.

8. Enjoy.

CATS: I want to ask you, Frank, do you own a spoon?

FRANK: What's it to you?

CATS: I was just curious if you might want a banana drink.

FRANK: What do a spoon and a banana drink -- ?

CATS: Don't you know how to turn a banana into a banana drink?

FRANK: No, I don't.

CATS: It's not hard. Using a spoon, smash a banana until it turns into a drink.

FRANK: I did not know you had so much information about drinks.

CATS: I will put instructions for a good drink in tomorrow's post.

ROYCE: Okay guys, now that we've agreed to abandon a plot, I've signed us up for an online project.

MEATBALL: Groovy! Does that mean I can dress up in a purple thing and dance around?

BLORE: Oh, for heaven's sake, please don't.

ROYCE: No. There will be no dancing.

CATS: Oh, man. I wanted to see him dance around.

FRANK: So what will we be doing?

ROYCE: Oh, all sorts of things. For example, here's a haiku I wrote for English last semester:
Goldfish trapped inside
(Plastic diver, castle, fern)
A round glass prison

MEATBALL: Wizard, man.

ROYCE: Well, I propose we toss this attempt at a plot and just start over.

BLORE: Hear hear!


ROYCE: Ah, no.