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ROYCE: No, wait, stop! Hey -- what? Where am I?

CATS: Oh, you're back. Where are the others?

ROYCE: What?

MEATBALL: Perhaps they were all sent different amounts of time.

CATS: That's always a possiblity.

ROYCE: Ah! Who are you!

FRANK: My sentiments exactly.

MEATBALL: So, is this all there is to it? Just snow?

FRANK: Ah, there's the occasional pengiun. And dog sled race.

MEATBALL: Have you ever been in a dog sled race?

FRANK: Oh, I tried, once. I kept saying 'mosh' instead of 'mush'. So all the dogs left and ended up in some techo rave.

BLORE: At least they were intelligent.

FRANK: It isn't easy being the abdominal snowman. People are always like, 'Hey! You're the Abominable Snowman! Let's try and capture you!". And then I have to explain, very slowly, that I am not the Abominable Snowman, I am the Abdominal Snowman.

MEATBALL: Hey! You should write a book about your life. Don't you think it would be great?

BLORE: What would you call it?

FRANK: Abdominal, not Abominable.

FRANK: Arg! Who goes there?

MEATBALL: Who are you? And why do you have such big abs?

FRANK: Oh, sorry. Allow me to introduce myself. I am the Abdominal Snowman, cousin to the famous Abominable Snowman. But you may call me Frank.

BLORE: Well, Frank, we seem to be stuck here In side this cave. Would you know a way out?

FRANK: Of course! I'll just smash through this wall with my massive muscles!


CATS: Well, ain't that purdy.