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CATS: Surprise, surprise. We're in an ice cave.

BLORE: But it leads somewhere.

MEATBALL: Let's follow it like lemmings.

BLUE: Well, which door should we try first?

BLORE: How about that one with the icecicle on it?


CATS: Well, shall we descend into the abyss? It seems like the logical step to take.

BAGEL JOE: Sorry, I'm out. I gotta go make that Bagel-O commercial.

BLORE: It looks facinating. Let's explore.

MEATBALL: Well, I've already been down there. I could help lead the way somewhat.

CATS: What have you seen so far?

MEATBALL: Well, there is a carefully constructed network of tunnels that seems to go on forever. I didn't get a chance to explore them all.

BLORE: Is there anything else?

MEATBALL: Oh, yes. The tunnels are covered with small doors that look like the front of bank safes, and on each door is a symbol. I only had time to open one, for when you open them, they take you to another place and time.

CATS: So thousands and thousands of doors, each leading to a different place? Wizard.