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CATS: Whew! Somebody smells like carrots.

MEATBALL: Eh, sorry, that's me.

BAGEL JOE: Where did you get all those carrots?

MEATBALL: I found them underneath this grate in the floor, which seems to lead to an unending abyss, spiraling ever downward and downward.

BLORE: Weird.

BLORE: So, what is the first thing you're going to do on your way to pop stardom?

BAGEL JOE: Well, I'm going to be on this commercial for a new kind of breakfast cereal. I'll slowly work my way up -- I might become a parvenu if I move up too quickly.

MEATBALL: So, what is this groovy new cereal?

BAGEL JOE: Bagel-Os.

BAGEL JOE: Hey guys! I found you!

CATS: Hey Bagel Joe! What's up?

BAGEL JOE: Oh, not much. I think the evil overlord business isn't for me. I think I might become a pop star.

MEATBALL: Groovy! Sing us a song.

BAGEL JOE: I love my BAGELS! Yeah!

BLORE: The new American Idol, right here, folks.

BLORE: So let me get this straight.You sent Royce, Fred, Guru, and Willy all into the future ...

CATS: Correct.

BLORE: But you don't know how far into the future you sent them.

CATS: Correct.

BLORE: So, theoretically, if they went a week into the future, in a week's time they would randomly re-appear.

CATS: Correct.

MEATBALL: Correct. Ha ha! Correct four! I win!

BLORE: That was awful!

MEATBALL: Well what do we do now?

CATS: Well, it seems wrong to take you as my prisoner . . .

MEATBALL: Because you're finally developing a conscience?

CATS: No, because I already have a prisoner and I don't want to feed two.

BLORE: Mmm. Gruel.