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CATS: I can now use my secret weapon! First I freeze Blore --


CATS: And then I send all of you one million years into the future!


MEATBALL jumps up and knocks the weapon in CATS' hands

CATS: Arg!


MEATBALL: What happened?

CATS: I still sent all your freinds into the future, but when you knocked the weapon you changed the calibration, so I don't know how far forward they are. You also broke it, so I can't use it again.

BLORE: Well that sucks.

MEATBALL: I thought you were supposed to be frozen.

BLORE: Oh, right. Sorry.

GURU: There appears to be a hole in this side of the cave.

MEATBALL: Let's go in!

CATS: Hey, what are you doing here? And who's that old guy and that walrus? Get out!

BLORE: I thought you wanted them to come here. I thought that was your plan.

CATS: Oh, right. You can come back know!

ROYCE: I guess there are cats in the catacombs.

ROYCE: Ack . . . I'm so tired . . .

FRED: We have to keep going.

GURU: Just follow the light of Willy's indiglo watch.

ROYCE: But where are we going?


BAGEL JOE: I must capture them. Capturing them is my idee fixe, it's all I think about anymore. Hopefully my ParaTrooperBagels will be sufficient . . . wait! I know what can do the job! My NinjaBagels! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!

In the catacombs

ROYCE: Did it occur to anyone that it might be dark in the catacombs and we might need a flishlight?

WILLY: My watch has Indiglo.

MEATBALL: Ooo. Hey, I still don't see any cats.

FRED: Or any combs, for that matter.

ROYCE: Uh, there aren't . . . never mind.

GURU: Busy busy busy.

BAGEL JOE: Look there in that clearing! That's where they are! Dive, my ParaTrooperBagels! Dive, so that they may feel the wrath of Bagel Joe!

On the island

GURU: Hmm. ParaTrooperBagels, falling from the giant flying bagel. What to do?

WILLY: Escape to the catacombs beneath this island?

MEATBALL: Ooo fun! I love cats!

FRED: Not the evil one I hope.

MEATBALL: Oh no. See, look. It's not capitalized.

FRED: I got it.

ROYCE: What? Oh, catacombs. I got it too.

ROYCE: Well, Willy, I'd hate to warn you, but we're being hunted by an army of bagels.

WILLY: I will help protect those who helped find my watch. You are in no danger.

MEATBALL: Hey, look! That giant flying bagel is coming back!

WILLY: Perhaps you are in danger.

MEATBALL: Hey, Willy! I found your watch!

WILLY: Oh, thank you. How did you ever find it?

MEATBALL: It was right here next to this sign that says 'Willy's watch is right here'.

ROYCE: Wait - do walruses even wear watches?