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CATS: I wonder what's taking Bagel Joe so long.

BLORE: I can't imagine.

CATS: I'll call him and ask him what's going on.

BLORE: An exellent plan.

CATS: Hello? Is this Bagel Joe?

BAGEL JOE: Oh, hello, Cats. Nothing is going wrong. Everything is fine. Don't worry. Goodbye.

CATS: Well, that's nice to hear. What was I so worried about?

BLORE: I'm glad to see you're re-assured.

ROYCE: We've landed safely in the jungle.

GURU: I would disagree, my friend. This jungle is full of many dangerous inhabitants.


ROYCE: No, not like you. Go away.

MEATBALL: Like that walrus over there?

ROYCE: Yes like that -- what's a walrus doing in the jungle?

GURU: Why don't you ask him?

FRED: Mr. Walrus, what are you doing here in this jungle?

WILLY: My name is Willy. Willy the Walrus. I'm looking for my watch.

BAGEL JOE: What do you mean they escaped? Go back! Get them! I don't care if you're being pecked to death by seagulls! I dont care if you turn soggy in the ocean! I don't care if you get captured and sold in a Wonderbread store! Get back up, and them get them! Get them! GET THEM!

ROYCE: Ack! There's a big hole in the bagel! We're all going to be sucked out!

FRED: Here! Grab these parachutes.

They all dive out of the giant flying bagel

ROYCE: Let's land in that forest over there.

MEATBALL: Isn't that on the same island we started on?

GURU: It is.

ROYCE: We'll have to be careful. Once they figure out that we've escaped, they'll be looking for us.

ROYCE: Well, now we've been successfully captured, and we're being taken to heaven-knows-where inside this giant flying bagel. Could things get any worse?

FRED: Meatball could be really hungry.

MEATBALL: Oh! I forgot! I am really hungry!

Meatball begins eating the giant flying bagel

MEATBALL: Mmm-mmm! It is so delicious!

ROYCE: No! Stop! You'll puncture the bagel!

GURU: Too late.

FRED: The bagels are coming alive!

MEATBALL: We're surrounded!

GURU: I have a bad feeling about this.