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ROYCE: Look at all the bagels falling from the sky.

MEATBALL: What does it all mean?

GURU: War is beginning.

BAGEL JOE: Here is the location of the desert island! Go there and capture Royce, Fred, and Meatball, my freshly baked army of Bagels! Go! GO! GO!

In Guru's cave

GURU: Ack!

FRED: What is it, Guru?

GURU: I felt as if thousands of bagels flew into the sky, and were suddenly silenced.

ROYCE: That's kind of weird.

MEATBALL: Maybe you had too much of that lasagna.

GURU: It is starting to rain. Here, let me take you to my cave.

In the cave

MEATBALL: This place is groovy!

ROYCE: Uh, it's just a cave.

GURU: Ah, you are wrong, my friend. Watch me pull this lever to unviel a complete multi-media entertainment center!

FRED: Oooo. Aaah.

ROYCE: Well, what do we know about this island that we didn't know when we got here?

FRED: Well, I've been all the way around, and I havn't seen any other islands or coasts from here. We're pretty isolated.

ROYCE: Okay. Meatball, what did you find?

MEATBALL: I found this guru.

ROYCE: Meatball! Put him back!

GURU: No, it is fine. I have not seen anyone on this island since . . . well, ever.

FRED: How did you get here?

GURU: Well, see, I went on this three hour tour . . .

BAGEL JOE: Hmm. That Cats wants me to use my army of bagels to serve his purposes. Who does he think I am? Some sort of lackey? I will send my minions to the desert island upon which his three opponents reside to capture them, but after they are captured I will not give them over to Cats. If my resoucres are to be used, then I will be the one to gain the benfits! I will be trodden upon no more. From this day forward, Bagel Joe is second to no one!

CATS: Hmm. This isn't working out as well as I planned. I was hoping they would come here, to the moon, but instead they are now trapped upon a desert isle.

BLORE: Yeah, I hate it when that happens.

CATS: I know! I will contact my evil ally, Bagel Joe, to send his army of freshly baked goods to the island to capture Royce, Fred, and Meatball.

BLORE: I know a plan when I hear one. Let me go too.

CATS: Hmm...wait! You almost tricked me! I forgot that you are my prisoner.

BLORE: Drat.

ROYCE: Well, we're trapped on a desert island. How utterly convienient.

FRED: Well, look on the bright side. At least we got away from those bagels.

MEATBALL: But I wanted to eat one.

ROYCE: Ack! We're all insane!