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BLORE: So, what is this secret device?

CATS: It is a combination freeze and time distortion gun.

BLORE: Very clever.

CATS: I know, isn't it?

CATS: This is my secret plan - I would capture someone from this blog and hold them hostage. Then once everyone else came to rescue them, I would destroy them, leaving only me to rule this blog. Ha ha ha ha ha!

BLORE: And you actually think this will work?

CATS: Well, I tried it beofre with Mr. Rogers, and it was working until Earthworm Jim --

BLORE: Meatball.

CATS: Right. Meatball showed up and ruined my plan.

BLORE: Did it ever occur to you that most of the characters here just show up on their own, out of nowhere? You'd have to keep repeating your plan over and over again.

CATS: Silence, fool! I will use my secret device on you - which I will cleverly explain tomorrow!

CATS: Ha ha! No that I have brought you to my secret lair, I can initiate my plan!

BLORE: Who are you?

CATS: I am Cats, Lord of the Dance!

Cats begins to dance

BLORE: He's so sinister.

CATS: And that isn't even the best part! In true evil overlord fashion, I am going to tell you my entire secret plan!

BLORE: I'm estatic.

Knock on door

ROYCE: Hello?

BLORE: Hello, I'm Investigator Blore. We have reason to believe you are holding a character in this blog that is currently copywrited by Shiny Intertainment Incorporated.

MEATBALL: That must be me!

BLORE: No, sorry, we're looking for Earthworm Jim, not Meatball.

ROYCE: Well, then, I'm sorry. There is no Earthworm Jim here.

BLORE: Well, reading your previous posts -- I see. Well, as long as you call him Meatball and not . . . that other thing, you should be okay.Thank you for your time.

Door closes

ROYCE: Well, that was close.

CATS: Ha ha ha ha ha! All your investigator are belong to us!

BLORE: Help!

ROYCE: Oh no.

MEATBALL: Hey, look! I'm a meatball!

ROYCE: Are you sure you want to be called meatball? It isn't the most . . . appetizing name.

FRED: Some television neighbors might think you're actually a meatball.

MEATBALL: Hey, I can be called what I want to.

SHAKESPEARE: What's in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

MEATBALL: See? Somebody agrees with me.

FRED: How much can you actually get away with?

ROYCE: Quite a bit, it appears.

MR ROGERS: What was that about tea and mowing the lawn?

ROYCE: That's what I like to call 'Random Day', Mr. Rogers.

MR ROGERS: You can call me Fred.

ROYCE: Oh, okay.

FRED: Thank you.

ROYCE: That was fast.

EARTHWORM JIM: Hey! Do it to me too!

ROYCE: Alright, what should I call you?


ROYCE: Uh, if you say so . . .


MR ROGERS: I knew you'd come crawling back.

ROYCE: I'm going to get you a lovely cup of tea.

MR ROGERS: It's downright strange not to mow your lawn.

ROYCE: Well, I have some expierience in that area . . .