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MR ROGERS: Zero . . .

EARTHWORM JIM: I'll save you!

Earthworm Jim shoots the bomb with his plasma gun



MR ROGERS: Why, thank you, Earthworm Jim. You can be my neighbor anytime.

ROYCE: Wait, Earthworm Jim, too? This is getting out of hand.

CATS: War is beginning.

Cats disappears to his zig

ROYCE: This hurts my head.

MR ROGERS: I've got a Picture Picture about how asprin is made.

EARTHWORM JIM: Groovy! I want to watch it!

ROYCE: Oh dear.

MR ROGERS: I don't like having this bomb on me. And I don't like being trapped in this closet.

CATS: Make your time! Main screen turn on.

MR ROGERS: That screen says I have five seconds left.

Closet door bangs open

ROYCE: I found you! Your plot will fail!

MR ROGERS: Four . . .

CATS: What?

ROYCE: You heard me. You have no right to blow up Mr. Rogers.

MR ROGERS: Three . . .

CATS: I know what I doing.

ROYCE: Yes, but why?

MR ROGERS: Two . . .

CATS: For great justice!

ROYCE: You're insane!

MR ROGERS: One . . .

CATS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

ROYCE: Why are all the lights off?

muffled laughter

ROYCE: Hey, I recognize that laugh . . .

CATS: You have no chance to survive!

ROYCE: Hey, cool, it's Cats, from that ZeroWing video game. I never know who's going to show up around here.

CATS: All your blog are belong to us!

ROYCE: Okay, first of all, why do you have to shout everything? And second of all, this blog belongs to me, not whoever 'us' is.

CATS: What you say?!

ROYCE: There you go with the shouting again. And finally, where's Mr. Rogers?

CATS: I set him up the bomb.

ROYCE: You're going to blow up Mr. Rogers?

MR ROGERS: Hello? Royce? Where's my favorite neighbor? . . . Well, I guess I'll just talk to myself, as usual. Hmm, what do we have on Picture Picture today? "How Salami Snaps are Made". Very interesting.

Doorbell rings

MR ROGERS: Is that my favorite neighbor?

CATS: How are you gentlemen?

MR ROGERS: Actually, I'm doing okay, I'm glad that --

CATS: You are on the path to destruction.



Don't be confused. This is not my journal. I would probably not show my journal to anyone, much less post it on the interent. This is a Blog.

MR ROGERS: Can you say, 'Blog'?

You bet, Mr. Rogers.

MR ROGERS: It's a beutiful day in the neighborhood, a beutiful day for a blog . . .

That was what we like to call a cameo, from our friend, Fred Rogers.

radiogame - an ad in the brinkley's american history book, meant to demonstrate the radio's novel appeal in the 1920's. I thought it was amusing.

In the meantime though, what are Worms? Adult animals that have highly elongated, often tube-like bodies, and lack backbones are commonly called . . . Dave Perry. Worms are so different from one anothe rthat zoologists do not classify them in a single group. Instead, the place them in different tribes, like, The Tribe of This Worm or The Tribe of That Worm. In everyday language, the name Worm may be loosly applied to other animals, like dogs, cats, ferrets, and blind cave salamanders.