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ROYCE: This is basically dead. I've moved onto other things.

MEATBALL: Hey! I've got a really great game!

BLORE: I'll bet.

MEATBALL: It's called 'Red/Black'. It's like war, except instead of the highest number always winning, red cards beat black cards.

BLORE: Fascinating. What if both cards are the same color?

MEATBALL: Then you put down two new cards, and the winner takes all.

ROYCE: Hey guys! What's going on?

BLORE: Meatball's stealing your game ideas again.

ROYCE: Ah. Red/Black. I don't really take credit for that one. Tanner helped some.

ROYCE: No new news.

BLORE: That's good news.

MEATBALL: Goo news?

FRANK: Foo news.

MEATBALL: Shoe news.

ROYCE: Who knew no new news could goo foo shoe news?

MEHLBACH: Have I told you that you can write like a maniac?

ROYCE: Yes. You have. More than once.

MEHLBACH: Just wanted to let you know that you can write like a maniac.

ROYCE: Thanks. That's my history teacher, Mr. Mehlbach. He says I can write like a maniac.

MEATBALL: Is that good or bad?

ROYCE: I'm pretty sure it's good.

ROYCE: Did you ever have one of those weeks where it seems like everything that could possibly happen does?

BLORE: Somehow I have a feeling that you did.

ROYCE: So I'm elected as Junior Attendant (it's official now), I get asked to the Homecoming dance, and on top of that I'm practicing for the lead role in the play, all the while fending off piles of homework, an emotionally unstable brother, and in the back of mind mind is lurking the College Search and the slight fear that I'm failing all of my classes.


ROYCE: But, y'know, it's somehow all okay.